Photo: W. Zakowski

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1996-1997 COMMISSION

Material: Mirror-finish stainless steel, brass and mahogany
Dimensions: height 500mm, 3740*3740mm

Nokia Group
Nokia House (Nokia Head Office), Espoo, Finland

The competition jury wrote in their report about the winning scheme: "'Horizon' was seen as the most suitable for the architecture of the building and particularly for the spatial solution of the vestibule. The work offers visual and intellectual surprises by spreading horizontally into the space and leaving open the landscape which opens up from the vestibule. The challenging 'playing field of vision', which changes with both the time of year and time of day, also links the interior to the exterior and the reflections of the sky. The work communicates in many dimensions, intellectually and emotionally, with the people in the space, and the nature and light around it."