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1981-1984 COMMISSION

Material: Terrazzo
Dimensions: height 6300mm, 12 000*12 000mm
Helsinki City Art Museum Collection
STOA, East-Helsinki cultural centre, Itäkeskus

The work is based on the winning entry in an open competition arranged by the City of Helsinki in 1981 for an art work to be placed outside the then recently compfeted Itäkeskus Cultural Centre and St. Matthew's Church. In its report, the competition jury stated that the work functions as the tensioned centre point of the built milieu: "The sculpture both creates space around itself and draws in space within itself The choice of colour goes together with the 'silent grandeur' of the work and the spatial appearance of the public square."

Hannu Siren's own description of the work: "With my sculpture / want to describe man's internal and external space and time. An essential part of Stoa is the person standing in the vicinity or next to it. Stoa is an image and experience of the unity and balance between man and time."